As of 7/15/2018, I am now retired but still "active" & available for consults.
Since 1974 I have worked as a psychologist in mental health and educational environments and am now currently retired but assist my associate, Dr. Staci Heindel, with her practice in Philadelphia.  
Edward G. Daniels
PA Licensed Psychologist    &    Pa/NJ/DE Certified School Psychologist 
& NJ Certified Educational Supervisor
Philadelphia at Sunset

I continue to be available for consultation about 
     *private practice building and managing, 
     *school psychology and special education issues 
          (for educators as well as parents), 
     *Life Skills for ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome,      
     *therapy supervision or questions,
     *college accommodations (questions about or
       consultations about evaluations), and
     *mental health or special educational issues.

Please feel free to contact me by email at 
          you may call me at 609-922-4521