Often students who received special education or accommodations in high school have difficulty when they enter college.  The demands, the independent nature, new found freedom, etc. all combine to present students with various disabilities an environment set up for failure.  Many colleges have Offices of Disabilities, but the involved students still need to ask, inquire, seek out, and self-advocate.

Often simple "coaching" can help these students gain the independent skills to utilize the many services already available to them, improve study and organizational skills, and enhance social skills that will improve their social adjustment to the college scene.

If you think you or your college student could benefit from such services, please feel free to contact us for an initial free interview.  A "coaching plan" will then be developed and agreed upon with reasonable financial arrangements.  Coaching can be face-to-face, via email or telephone, and usually a combination of all three.  Ideal for students with Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.

“Coaching” focuses on the following areas (but not limited to):

Social interaction
​   Introductions
​   How to interrupt
​   Listening
​   Asking questions
​   How to join a group 

​   Make S.E.N.S.E.:
   Space – personal space
   Eye Contact
   Nodding to indicate listening
   Say something – how to respond and stay on topic
   Emotion:  express or show appropriate emotion in the conversation

Executive functioning
​   Inhibition vs. impulsivity
   ​Shift vs. inflexibility
​   Emotional control vs. emotional liability
​   Initiation vs. hesitation
​   Working Memory vs. inattention
​   Organization vs. poor planning
​   Organizing materials vs. a messy room/folder/etc.
​   Self-monitoring vs. the wrath from others

Daily living
​   Housekeeping strategies
​   Eating right
​   Sleep pattern
​   Personal Hygiene 

Emotional regulation
​   Identifying your needs
​   Expressing your feelings
​   Identifying feelings within others

College and community acclimation
​   Getting around campus
​   Working out your schedule
​   Classes, eating, studying, assignments, sleeping, etc.
​   Managing money
​   Handling the stress of college life 

Coaching College Students with Disabilities
  (No longer provided but will provide consults to clients) 
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